Commercial Asphalt Paving in Maryland

Parking lot paving by Asphalt paving Maryland company S&M PavingOur commercial asphalt paving Maryland company works with builders and contractors in Baltimore County, Harford County, and Cecil County, Maryland; Delaware; and southeastern PA to provide our builders with prompt, professional and friendly grading and paving services.

S & M Paving strives to stay in touch with all changes in our industry, so that we can always offer our Maryland, Delaware, and PA builders the latest and most current paving contractor services and equipment.

We know that our building contractors want to work with a locally-owned asphalt company in Maryland that will do the job right the first time, on time. We want you to know that customer service is our number one focus and we will do everything that we can to ensure your happiness. We provide a complete array of paving services and knowledge about all aspects of asphalt paving from us. We provide our builder and contractor customers with the following paving and asphalt services:

Commercial Grading Services

Commercial grading services for our Maryland, Delaware, and PA builders and contractors includes use of our skid steer, paver, back hoe, and roller to level existing stone base in parking lots and roads to make surface smooth and level.

Blacktop/Asphalt Parking Lot Paving

We use base (19mm) and surface (9.5mm) course asphalt provided from blacktop plants across Maryland and Delaware for our asphalt paving customers.

Parking Lot/Road Seal Coating

S & M Paving uses one of two types of seal coating material for the many seal coating jobs we complete for our Elkton and North East, Maryland, Delaware, and PA contractors and builders:

Gilsonite Asphalt Seal is a black pavement sealer composed of hard gilsonite asphalt resin. It adds asphalt resins to aging blacktop as well as sealing and protecting the pavement against the effects of weathering. Gilsonite Asphalt Seal is the easiest of the pavement sealers to apply, and it gives a deep, black finish with a bit of sheen. Unlike water base sealers, it will not be damaged by freezing weather, nor will it wash off if caught by a rain shower before completely dry. Gilsonite Asphalt Seal protects and beautifies asphalt driveways, playgrounds, tennis courts and parking lots. It also gives limited protection against gasoline and oil damage.

Coal Tar Sealer is a coal tar emulsion sealer designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement surfaces. It is water-based and protects against cracks and pavement breakdown from wear freezing temperatures, oil and gas spills, salt, sun and rain. This product must be used when the surface is completely dry or it will wash away.

We will help you determine which type of seal coating is best for your parking lot or road and will apply the sealer professionally, following all manufacturer instructions and recommendations.

Parking Lot Stoning/Graveling

For many of our Cecil County, Delaware, PA, and Maryland asphalt paving customers, we install stone product to create a base for an asphalt paving job.

Road/Parking Lot Crack Filling

We use hot tar to fill cracks in parking lots and roads that are 1/4” in diameter and larger. This is usually accompanied by seal coating.

Line Striping

For our Elkton, Maryland line striping services, we use top of the line asphalt paint that is approved by the SHA (State Highway Admin.). Along with line striping we offer various road stencils that can be appplied to parking lots as needed. We are able to letter or number parking spaces as well. Line striping is completed with a motorized line striper guided by an employee.

Asphalt Milling Services

We use a Wirtgen W-1000 to mill out existing asphalt to desired depth, then repave with new asphalt product to create a new and fresh surface. We also can installing milling material instead of blacktop material. Milling material is recycled asphalt material that is installed with a paver but is not a hot mix. The recycled material will harden over time, but WILL NOT be as hard as if you were installing hot asphalt material.

As one of the largest paving contractors in Cecil County, Maryland, we know that you’re counting on a quality job, that’s why S & M Paving should be your first call, and your first choice! Voted Favorite Cecil County, Maryland Paving Contractor for 7 years in a row, we take pride in ensuring that each job is completed to your 100% satisfaction.

Our company has built strong relationships with many large builders and general contractors in the Baltimore County, Harford County, and Cecil County, Maryland area, as well as Delaware and PA.We can guarantee that each driveway is completed before any settlement date. At S & M Paving, we cater to our builders to make sure that the job is completed properly, professionally, and on time.

We proudly serve builders in the Cecil County, Harford County, and Baltimore County regions of Maryland, along with Delaware and southeastern PA. Contact us TODAY at 800-788-6977 for your free consultation!

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