AFTER S&M seal coating on this Maryland resident's driveway

AFTER S&M seal coating on this Maryland resident’s driveway

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Our Maryland paving contractors work with builders, contractors, and homeowners in Maryland, Delaware, and southeastern PA to provide prompt, professional and top quality grading and paving services.

We know that our building contractors and homeowners want to work with a locally-owned business, and the best Maryland paving contractors – they want the paving company that will do the job right the first time, on time. Customer service is our number one focus at S&M Paving, and we will do everything that we can to ensure your happiness. We offer builders and homeowners the following driveway paving and asphalt services:

Maryland Grading Services

Commercial grading services for our Maryland, Delaware, and PA builders and contractors includes use of our skid steer, paver, back hoe, and roller to level existing stone base in parking lots and roads to make surface smooth and level.

Maryland Parking Lot Paving

We use base (19mm) and surface (9.5mm) course asphalt provided from blacktop plants across Maryland and Delaware for our asphalt paving customers.

Maryland Parking Lot/Road Seal Coating

S & M Paving uses one of two types of seal coating material for the many seal coating jobs we complete for our Maryland, Delaware, and PA contractors and builders. We will help you determine which type of seal coating is best for your parking lot or road and will apply the sealer professionally, following all manufacturer instructions and recommendations.

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